onsdag, 13 11 2019

Illegal surveillance of Norwegian political supporters of the Iraqi resistance

Komiteen for et fritt IrakThe Norwegian Committee for a Free Iraq (KFI) has strong reason to believe that illegal surveillance of six of its members has taken place from October 2004 and 15 months onwards. The Committee demands to know if this presumption is correct and expects an apology.

Fighter-bombers as a token of «respect»

While the Middle East is seething with anger, and the smoke is still rising from the burned-out Norwegian embassy in Damascus, Syria, Norway is sending a fresh squadron of F-16 fighters to the ISAF operation in Afghanistan. This clear-cut provocation against the peoples of the Middle East and Central Asia is conducted amidst a flow of official statements stressing that «provocations should be avoided».

Trade unionist conference in Trondheim: «A Norwegian veto is an absolute necessity»

If the Bolkestein Directive is passed in the EU, it will affect Norway through the EEA Agreement. The 2005 Congress of the trade union confederation LO* demanded that Norway must make use of the option of reservation contained in the EEA Agreement between EU and EFTA, and veto this directive from being implemented in Norway.

The LO will be sending a delegation of 45 trade union officials at lower, medium and top level to take part in the Strasbourg demonstrations on February 14th.