torsdag 26 november 2020

Soldiers in the desert. Image from Pixabay.Soldiers in the desert. Photograph courtesey of Pixabay.

Special forces and Norwegian bases in Jordan and Iraq are a provocation and a threat towards the peoples of the Middle East.

Norwegian special forces have been operating in Jordan since 2016 to provide operational support to jihadist terrorist groups, also called "rebel groups", as part of pushing for a bloody regime change in neighboring Syria. It is a public secret that Norwegian special forces have operated illegally inside Syrian territory; the false pretext being 'combatting ISIL' (but certainly not the Nusra Front).

This activity will now become permament at the training and intelligence base Camp Åsgård outside the Jordanian capital Amman.

The purpose of this training, which partly takes place along with Jordanian forces, is "to make the Norwegian combat force more able to carry out war operations in desert landscapes", besides providing logistical support for the Norwegian military presence in Iraq. In addition, the Norwegian intelligence service will obtain a better "overview of the Middle East".

This escalation is an outright provocation against the Arab peoples, who do not want a "Norwegian presence" in their region at all. Norwegian special forces and intelligence activities pose a direct threat to the Palestinians, Syrians, Lebanese and freedom-loving peoples throughout the Levant.

We are witnessing unadorned Norwegian imperialism

What we are witnessing is unadorned Norwegian imperialism preparing to take part in new American "desert wars" and as mercenaries for future palace coups and regime changes that are contrary to international law.

The partnership with the oppressive Jordanian regime is due to the fact that the Kingdom has been a stable supporter of US imperialism in the Middle East for generations. It was not without reason that Egyptian President Nasser branded former Jordanian King Hussein "a lackey for the United States."

Norwegian base policy* is distorted into the unrecognizable. From having been a stabilizing element in the High North, Norway is allowing permanent US bases in our country. In addition, Norway establishes military bases and facilities in remote areas to guard Norwegian imperialist interests.

With its imperialist conduct and lackey services for the United States, Norway has already disqualified itself for a seat on the UN Security Council in the period 2021–2022.

Norwegian military forces out of Jordan and Iraq! Get Norwegian imperialism out of the Middle East!

* When entering the NATO Alliance in 1949, Norway made a reservation forbidding the presence of foreign bases on Norwegian soil, unless the country is under attack.



Communist Platform – Marxist-Leninist (KPml)
October 14th 2020.