tirsdag 11 august 2020

Message to the Congress of the Workers' Communist party of Tunisia

Dear comrades of the Workers' Communist Party of Tunisia (PCOT)

After years of suppression, imprisonments, torture and martyrdoms of many courageous cadres, the PCOT has won ever more respect and authority among the Tunisian workers and youth. The party and its leadership, where comrade Hamma must be mentioned in particular, has played an important role in the Tunisian uprising and the ousting of dictator Ben Ali last winter. We are proud to belong to the same international movement as the PCOT.

Your Congress is taking place at a time when the Tunisian uprising is at a serious crossroad. The internal and external cronies of Ben Ali, the imperialists who backed the old regime, are desperately working to put an end to the revolutionary process and to bring things back to the imperialist and neocolonial «normality». The cowardly NATO-bombing of neighbouring Libya and the imperialists’ active infiltration and utilization of the Benghazi «rebels» is for sure a warning to the other peoples in Northern Africa, threatening them to obey the imperialist «New world order».

We hope and believe that the Tunisian workers, youth, women and peasants will not yield to the imperialist plots, and that they will continue and fulfil the revolutionary national and democratic process they have embarked upon. The stronger the influence and leadership of the PCOT, the more certain the victory will be.

If there is anything we can do in our country in the way of practical solidarity with the PCOT and the Tunisian revolt, we will respond as best we can with our very limited resources.

Wishing you all success in the proceedings of the congress, which most certainly will give new energy and mature guidance to the working peoples of Tunisia.

  • Long live the Tunisian example!
  • Long live the PCOT!
  • Long live proletarian internationalism!

Our revolutionary fraternal greetings,

Marxist-Leninist Organization Revolusjon – Norway

Oslo, July 22nd 2011

A provocation against the peoples of the world: NObama, NObel, NOway!

Scandal and provocation. Illustration credits: Carlos LatuffBy awarding the Nobel Prize to the Supreme Allied Commander of the bloody occupation army in Afghanistan and Iraq, the Norwegian Nobel committee yet again has contributed to the denigration of this medal.

Giving this year's peace prize to President Barack Obama made a whole world speechless, even the Americans shake their heads. The President himself agrees that he feels unworthy, but that has not prevented him from accepting.

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NATO is a threat to liberties and national sovereignty

60 years with NATO are 60 years too many

The formation of NATO in 1949 was aimed directly at socialism, at the Soviet Union and the people's democracies in Europe that had emerged victorious in the aftermath of the anti-fascist WW2.  It was aimed at infringing the influence of the strengthened communist parties all over Europe, and simultaneously subduing all the European member countries and curtailing their sovereignty under the thumb of US imperialism. The Marshall plan was the main economic and financial instrument of US imperialism to subdue the «beneficiary» countries to US tutelage. In 1955, West Germany was included in the NATO alliance, thus breaching all agreements between the WW2 allies on never accepting the remilitarization of Germany.

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Communist platform (Marxist-Leninist) has convened its first annual assembly

Logo KPmlCommunist platform (KPml) has recently convened its first annual assembly and elected a new leadership.

KPml came into being in March 2007 as a response to the liquidation of the last remnants resembling a communist party organization i Norway, and the merger of this party (AKP) with the electoral alliance RV into a leftist reformist party project, named «Rødt» (Red).

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Success to the conference!

Message to the International Conference  March 24/25th, 2007, Chianciano Terme, Italy

Revolusjon (Revolution) send our warmest greeting to the International conference «With the resistance». This conference is a very important step towards breaking the de facto censorship and information blocade of the imperialists concerning the struggle of the peoples in the Middle East, especially in Iraq.

The just resistance of the peoples will prevail in the end. By joining forces and gaining the support of the workers and peoples worldwide, the anti-imperialist struggle will take new leaps ahead.

We wish the conference success!

Marxist-Leninist organization Revolusjon, Norway