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Communist Platform

”The Workers’ Communist Party of Norway (AKP) has decided to dissolve itself and merge into a new, ’broad’ party* together with the Red Electoral Alliance (RV). This amalgamated party is obviously a reformist project, and those who endorse it, can no longer rightfully regard themselves as communists”, COMMUNIST PLATFORM states in a declaration issued on March 9th, and continues:

“This new party will be a party lacking communist organizational norms, and the programme only uses the term ‘communism’ as mere decoration, devoid of content. The new party programme makes it clear that Marxism, i.e. the theory of the working class, is but one among several ideological currents ‘from which the party will draw its ideology and politics’. The party will base itself on financial backing from the state, it will not have a policy of safeguarding its members, and it will be strongly focused on parliamentary work. The new party does not fully recognize that the state is an instrument of the ruling bourgeoisie class. This amalgamated party is clearly a reformist project, and those who endorse it, can no longer rightfully regard themselves as communists.

Some people pin their hopes in the belief that gradually, this new party can be turned to the left. Of this, there are no examples in history, and, considering the foundation this party is built upon, the danger that the opposite might evolve, is overwhelming. This amalgamation will lead to more revolutionaries departing, and not to the inflow of new militants.

Alliances are of importance in the political struggle, and the communists actively take part in them. But a communist party never dissolves itself in such alliances or parties that consist of currents and ideological views representing other class interests than those of the working class and its ideology, Marxism-Leninism.

In our opinion, it is necessary for communists to work within a communist party in order to develop new cadres, to do propaganda work, in order to co-ordinate the work in different sectors and mass organizations, to act in the actual class struggle, to have international relations with communists in other countries, to have a democratic inner-party life, and for a number of other reasons. This can not be done within a reformist party.

With the AKP, the party in Norway with most resemblance to a communist party, has disappeared.

COMMUNIST PLATFORM has subsequently taken the initiative to unite the communists in Norway who have not given in to opportunism. The COMMUNIST PLATFORM is composed of people from different communist groups and traditions, the majority originating from the AKP. In a situation where the working class in our country is lacking a communist party, we regard it our duty to enhance our efforts in order to restore the class’ own party, to create a communist alternative. We invite all revolutionaries who have not abandoned their Marxist-Leninist stance to take part in the forthcoming process of unity and struggle necessary to re-establish the Party.

We are united in our conviction that a vanguard Marxist-Leninist party, adhering to the norms of democratic centralism, is a necessity. We are united in that we need a party that is solely based upon the theory of the working class, scientific socialism, and not on a hotchpotch of ideological currents arising from different classes of society. The Norwegian working class needs a communist party, and we would neglect our duty as communists if we do not put in all possible effort to re-establish such a party. We take upon ourselves the obligation to overcome possible prejudices, differences in opinion and inconsistent tactical views related to diverse traditions, and will build a solid ideological unity by means of common action and common studies. Only in this manner, through joint action and theoretical argument with the aim of achieving an ever-stronger unity, may true unity be built.

A co-ordination committee consisting of  people with different ML background, are initiators of the COMMUNIST PLATFORM.

The Communist Students’ League (NKS) and the Marxist-Leninist group Revolusjon (revolution) have decided to take active part in the COMMUNIST PLATFORM, and to oblige their respective membership to abide by any unanimous decision made by the co-ordinating body of the COMMUNIST PLATFORM. Also other groups and individuals have taken interest in the COMMUNIST PLATFORM.

In the near future the COMMUNIST PLATFORM will organize a seminar where the question of the Party and the road forward for a process of unification, will be put forward for examination and debate.”

* The new, amalgamated party was named Rødt (Red) at its founding congress on March 10th.

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